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02 What would your UI theme be?

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02 What would your UI theme be?

Well designed UI is very important from a business point of view. At the end of the day, they influence the retention rate. If your apps user experience will be enjoyable and flawless, and the design of the app will create a positive impression on its users, they will love it, and use it.

We must focus on the requirements of their app`s end user and the goals of the human interface guidelines before creating an app with a great user experience. They must also know when to edit the element of a design that make it redundant or downright confusing. On top of that, they must have a full understanding of the key differences between Android and iOS app UI design. How else can they know what can be achieved with each platform?

Android`s Material Design guidelines and Apple`s iOS guidelines work to improve the UX of all apps by keeping aspects of their animation, graphics, style and branding all consistent. In their own way they each take a '"mother knows best"' approach to showing app creators how to keep their work distinctive and easy on the eye. The creators of these guidelines have done such a good job that users have grown used to, and even reliant, on one design over the other. Many users of Apple`s iOS would be uncomfortable switching to an Android device because they are so used to their chosen device`s design.

Knowing the language of the Android and iOS UI environments is very important for impeccable communication -- words and terminology have specific meanings to each set of users. Designers feel they have accomplished their goal if they can stay within the unique design guidelines of Apple iOS and Google Material while still maintaining consistency between the two apps they must create if they want to be available to both markets. Consistency must exist between animation, graphics, branding, and things like gestures so that users can describe and communicate about the app using the same language.