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09 Which other features will you have in your app?

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09 Which other features will you have in your app?

Choosing the right features for your app includes a planning process that requires you to-

  • Formulate your business plans properly
  • Be clear and precise with the product vision.
  • Define success criteria for your product.

How do you choose the best features for your app?

  1. Understand the purpose of your app

    To simplify your ideas, analyze and understand the purpose of your app. You should think from the user's point of view.

  2. Define the tasks you want the app to do

    This approach will help you to make your business objective clear by determining the features the app needs to be successful. And, you don't end up choosing the unnecessary features your app don't need.
  3. Research the trending features

    Search for the trending features that are reliable and secure.
  4. Review your target audience

    Identify the needs and problems of your app from an audience persona and find the solutions you will provide through the app.